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Stories from the Unstuck

Real stories from people who attained alignment with their authentic selves

Jon L.

Before I met Jane, I feel like part of me thought I WAS being authentic, which is why there was so much pushback from my end in our early sessions when she’d point things out.

I THOUGHT I was looking at things from all sides and trying to remove my bias, but I had blind spots and had this hobbled-together picture of who “authentic” me was.

Trying to solve these problems alone had me feeling stressed, anxious, and uncomfortable in both my platonic and romantic relationships. I perceived myself as someone solely dedicated to meeting the needs of others. Because of that, I feared my relationships were conditional and destined to fall short.

Jane skillfully broke past the perceptions I had about myself and pointed out my blindspots. I could feel her genuine desire to see me in a better place and to help me realize that the only way for me to healthily show up for others was to be authentically myself.

I realized the work we were doing was paying off when I started being able to FEEL all the things she was telling me versus just keeping them locked in my head. I was finally getting to see what authentic me ACTUALLY looked like.

Now, I feel sooo much calmer and more confident. With Jane’s help, I let go of the relationship patterns that weren’t serving me, learned to show up as my authentic self, and ended up finding a partner who makes me feel seen, heard, and wanted just as I am. We’re living together now and I’ve never felt so safe and secure in a relationship before. The more space I take up as my authentic self, the happier my partner is.

Meet Jon

Who learned to see his blindspots and to operate from his authenticity, finding his ideal partner along the way.

Jon is a creative go-getter who has a passion for personal growth. When we met, he was struggling to enjoy his life and his relationships.
Although he explored many different avenues to achieve this, he still felt stuck. 

As we uncovered blindspots together, Jon learned how to speak his truth and take up space in relationships, letting go of what wasn’t serving him and eventually finding a partner who could appreciate him for all the magic he had to offer.

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Kristy B.

Before I met Jane, I felt like I was stuck because I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know who was important to me or what was important to me.

I didn’t know how to have healthy relationships or even what healthy relationships looked like. I had so many feelings and emotions and I couldn’t put a name to them, so they were very scary.

I kept thinking, “why do I feel this way? I can’t pinpoint anything in particular that happened to me, but I keep feeling like this.”

I experienced repeated patterns and failed attempts at healthy living. I wanted to feel better, but I didn’t know how. It was frustrating and disempowering. I felt lost, angry, and hurt. I felt that healing was something I should be able to do on my own, and I couldn’t. That came with so much shame. I didn’t feel wise. I felt like I wasn’t capable of making my own decisions. I couldn’t trust myself. 

I felt like Jane immersed herself in my experience which allowed me to drop some of the walls. Just the fact that she was willing to do that made me feel like I wasn’t alone. We had open communication and working with her felt familiar and comfortable. Any time I had a problem, I could reach out to her. It felt like I really had someone on my team.

Working with Jane, I got to the point where I couldn’t hold the walls up anymore. The gig was up and it was too hard not to be me. All the props and articles of clothing that I had been putting on to hide my true self had to come off. If I could have held onto them, I would have because the emotions that came with letting go were scary. But it was also so beautiful because I get to feel everything now. That allows me to connect with people. I always knew I could empathize really well, but I never gave myself the grace to feel. By not doing that, I couldn’t truly be compassionate with others because I didn’t know what they needed until I gave it to myself first.

My life is full now. I don’t feel like I have to hide. I was always afraid of what people would think of me if they really knew me, and possibly what I would think of myself if I really knew me. But I found out I’m a really beautiful person. Jane never ever once got frustrated with me. She allowed me to be me and make the mistakes I needed to make. Jane has given me my life back. I don’t need other people in a codependent way anymore. I feel whole on my own, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way before. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Meet Kristy

Who went from feeling angry and hurt as she tried to battle her Inner Critic to discovering the beauty of her Authentic Self.

Kristy is a first responder who wanted to live from a place of compassion and adventure.
But insidious limiting beliefs such as, “I am bad,” “I am unworthy,” and even “I am stupid” kept her Authentic Voice locked away. 

When we reprogrammed these beliefs and worked on keeping her in an empowered state, Kristy learned she could trust her intuition
and be truly seen and loved as her Authentic Self. Both by others and by herself.

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Ruth W.

Before I worked with Jane, I was consumed with the belief that I wasn’t good enough and didn’t deserve better.

I had this overwhelming shadow of who I thought everybody else wanted or needed me to be and I felt like a failure for not meeting that expectation.

I believed nobody would like the  “real me” but that was because I didn’t even accept the real authentic me.

I kept repeating the same pattern….. The same mistakes. I allowed people to hurt and under value me over and over again. I had gone to counseling, done therapy, read books…. Nothing was helping and to say I was frustrated is an understatement. I was desperate and truly believed there was no help for me.

But Jane was actually able to get to the root of the problem and from the first session I had tools and hope. I was blown away by the consultation. I felt hope. There was absolutely no judgment. I fully expected Jane to be like ” uh there’s no way I can help you.” Instead she was so understanding and said ” we got this”. She was genuinely encouraging and I knew she wanted me to be the best version of myself. 

Now I’m less defensive.  The things that used to trigger me don’t trigger me anymore. Without those triggers disrupting me, I’m able to stay empowered. That makes me a better mom. It makes me able to operate out of my internal confidence in a male dominated workforce. I’ve repaired a relationship that I thought there was no hope in repairing. I’ve let go of toxic relationships. I just know who I am now. 

Meet Ruth

Who learned to let go of toxic relationship patterns and find true empowerment in their place.

Ruth is a hardworking single mom to two kids. She came to me struggling to find a way out of a harmful relationship with a man
who made many promises and delivered on very few of them, but her heart knew she deserved more.

After closing the door on that relationship and processing the emotional pain of feeling lost and scared during the breakup, we worked on sustainably getting her needs met and healing her core wounds. In just a few months, Ruth began to blossom into the best version of herself.
A journey she continues to this day.

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Meri B.

When I met Jane, I was stuck everywhere. There was no aspect of my life that was not affected by everything I’ve been through. It was overwhelming and disheartening.

Every time I thought I was making progress and a setback happened, I would go into depression and withdraw.

But from the very beginning, Jane validated every one of my feelings, never judged me and was there for me, no matter what. Not once have I felt alone.

Now that I’m operating from an authentic place, my life feels PEACEFUL. It’s not perfect by any means, but there is more peace than there are dark times. I no longer stress and worry over every little thing. I take it in, breathe and process it and let it out. Sometimes are harder than others but I can recognize when I am in a not so good place and take steps to bring myself out faster than before.

Living in the authentic self makes things easier. It makes things gravitate toward you. If you’re not authentic with yourself or others, it’s a battle of wits and willpower. But operating from authenticity doesn’t bring the bad stuff. It allows the right things to come at the right time and it’s not forced. You’re not MAKING it happen; you’re allowing it to happen in its own time. All the steps I’ve taken toward my authentic self have come with so many other benefits.

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Andrew M.

When I started with Jane, I was really scared of other people rejecting me. And, though I didn’t know it at the time, I was often disgusted at myself for my own failures or reactions, as I was taught to be while growing up.

Additionally, I used food as a coping mechanism to pacify myself and other people around me. How do I deal with being tired, sad, or frustrated without food? How do I encounter social situations without food or alcohol?

I felt particularly scared of being rejected in social or business settings.

It felt like going through seasons of success and failure with a great deal of energy spent on both. During seasons of “success”, it felt like white-knuckling my way through days of rigid adherence to diets and therapy. Fighting my way through emotions and forcing myself to make certain decisions. I have a strong will, so I could go through seasons of coerced success for months. However, these seasons would ultimately fade as I decided this lifestyle was no longer worth it. Then, I would pendulum swing into seasons of “failure” which would be seasons of eating and drinking as coping mechanisms and gaining 20 pounds. I would stay up later, reduce exercise, and generally say yes to what the key people in my life would ask. There was no room for me in either seasons of success or failure.

Jane is amazing. As a background, I have been through four years of intensive therapy, ranging from trauma therapy to emotionally focused therapy to somatic therapy, all of which were helpful. I have been through years of leadership training and an MBA, which pushed me to consider how I approach myself and other people. I also had a business coach and a nutritionist. So when I met Jane, I already had a lot of experience “working on myself”. Jane has a unique combination of empathy, insightfulness, and excitement that is rare. Really rare. She asks great questions. She asks hard questions. She is ok with disagreement. She has such a strong sense of who she is that she can accept challenges and not feel threatened. She fought for me to be the most kind I could be to myself. She is such a beautiful person, and I don’t just mean that physically (though yeah, obvi). Jane brings her full self to sessions and her full self is exceptional. 

I remember in session #8 telling Jane a story about how I had a few wins this week. I had been doing reprogramming for a few weeks at this point, and I had noticed that I was beginning to react differently to the same situations. In particular, I recounted a story about how I held my ground with my wife, which was normally a situation that I would cave for the wrong reasons. Jane got excited and asked me a bunch of questions about this experience. I realized in that conversation that I was changing. Confidence in myself began to grow, which has been a limiting factor in my areas of weakness. Each week, my confidence in my ability to live as my authentic self grew. 

Living into my authentic self is still a journey for me. And the journey is not complete. I used to ask the question: “What will I do if this person rejects me?” and be deathly afraid of considering how that would go. Now, I am considering another question: “What will happen if I don’t live authentically at this moment?” I am now increasingly aware of the cost of living outside of my authentic self. Jane has called this planting a tree that I will later need to deal with. If I lie to people now or take actions now that grow my bitterness against them, I am making a choice that I will have to deal with later. Jane helped me see that I have paid a great price for living inauthentically. Keeping this in mind now has allowed me to make more authentic choices and be more honest with people around me. It is scary. Often it is unpopular. But it is freeing. I believe I am now beginning the road to much healthier relationships moving forward and will be a better dad, husband, and company leader. I am so thankful for Jane.

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Ann M.

Up until a few months ago, I was stuck in people-pleasing. When my good works and positive intentions weren’t reciprocated or I didn’t get the response I wanted, I would either feel resentful or I would turn more on myself and feel like I wasn’t good enough.

I would over-give and over-achieve until my resentment would eventually come out in an explosion of anger and frustration. I didn’t think at the time that what I gave to others came with strings, but it did. I defined myself in terms of other people, so my self-worth changed based on how my relationships felt.

I felt hopeless and confused. Faith is a big part of my life, and I felt like a failure that my faith was not strong enough to overcome this.

I was skeptical of how easy Jane made it sound to heal and reprogram, but I’ve experienced incredible transformation in a very short time using the reprogramming work. Jane understood the innate pattern in me and that helped me to see that there wasn’t anything wrong with me.  I realized there were so many good things about me, that I was worthy and good enough. She helped me handle my triggers when they did come up and I stopped blaming myself for my old patterns.

I knew this was working for me when something happened that would normally have totally triggered me, but it didn’t. Instead of being triggered, I was able to anchor myself into the present moment and stay grounded.

I feel so empowered now and I have way more energy because I’m not carrying so much negative weight around anymore. I’m sleeping better, I’m more focused, and I’m more authentic in my relationships because I feel safe in them. I used to sugar-coat things because I felt like I had to. Now, I’m beginning to feel more confident speaking my truth, and with Jane’s help I’m learning to choose responses that are authentic for me. I’m also noticing my compulsions now and Jane is helping me interrupt patterns that I’ve been stuck in for decades.

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