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Ready to transform into the highest, most authentic version of yourself?

So you can create a life full of empowerment, ease, and emotional safety?

Imagine waking up each day feeling ..

Inspired, motivated, and excited to be you.

Picture a life where your decisions are made from a place of empowerment and clarity rather than doubt or fear.

This doesn’t have to be a dream.
Together, we will make it your reality.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re too much and not enough at the same time, if you find yourself apologizing just for existing, or if you’re too afraid to speak up for what you want and need in your relationships, you’re not alone.

I used to live in that place, and so did countless others before we worked together as a team to unlock their Authentic Voice.

Does this resonate with you .. ​

Self-Doubt Keeping You Stuck, Small,
and Worrying that You’re Not Good enough?

Let's face your shadows ..

‣ causing you to feel unseen, unheard, and unappreciated

‣ selfish and wrong

‣ and end up feeling lesser-than

‣ that cause you to hold back and hide parts of yourself from the world

‣ fills you with anxiety and guilt

‣ you grapple with a persistent sense of Imposter Syndrome, feeling undeserving of your achievements

‣ but fear you would be rejected if you were honest about who you are

Introducing ..

Something Just for You!

12-Week Transformational Get Unstuck Coaching Package

.. So you can show up to your life as the person you were always meant to be!

This isn’t just a coaching program; it’s a personalized journey of hope that will transform you into the dazzling person you were before the world told you who you should be instead

Alignment with Your Highest, Most Authentic Self

12-Week Personal Unstuck Coaching Program

You’re not alone on this journey; with ongoing text and email support from me as well as collaboration on which empowered actions to take each week, you will be guided and supported every step of the way.

This package isn’t just a series of sessions – it’s a commitment to your total transformation, promising profound growth, clarity, and deep alignment with your Authentic Self.

By the end of our journey together, you will:

With me as your guide, we’ll explore, heal, and grow together.

Heal Your Triggers

Heal the core wounds that cause you to get triggered and cause damage to your relationships.

Reprogram Harmful Beliefs

Reprogram the limiting beliefs lurking in your subconscious mind that are holding you back from showing up in your authenticity.

Identify and Meet Your Needs

Discover your unique personality needs, learn strategies to get them met, and unblock your ability to receive your needs from others.

Set Boundaries

Learn to set kind, clear boundaries in a way that allows your relationships to deepen and thrive.

Process Emotions

Find out how to listen to the wisdom in your body that comes from processing emotions so you can gain clarity and build a powerful intuition.

Communicate Authentically

Express your true self with confidence and love.

Just a few souls ..

Who've walked this path before you and transformed their lives with our journey together.


”Jane skillfully broke past the perceptions I had about myself and pointed out my blindspots.

I could feel her genuine desire to see me in a better place and to help me realize that the only way for me to healthily show up for others was to be authentically myself.”

Kristy B.

I couldn’t truly be compassionate with others because I didn’t know what they needed until I gave it to myself first.
My life is full now. I don’t feel like I have to hide. I was always afraid of what people would think of me if they really knew me, and possibly what I would think of myself if I really knew me. But I found out I’m a really beautiful person.

Ruth W.

I was consumed with the belief that I wasn’t good enough and didn’t deserve better. I had this overwhelming shadow of who I thought everybody else wanted or needed me to be and I felt like a failure for not meeting that expectation.  I believed nobody would like the “real me” but that was because I didn’t even accept the real authentic me.

Meri B.

”But from the very beginning, Jane validated every one of my feelings, never judged me and was there for me, no matter what. Not once have I felt alone.”

Andrew M.

”Jane has a unique combination of empathy, insightfulness, and excitement that is rare. Really rare. She asks great questions. She asks hard questions. She is ok with disagreement. She has such a strong sense of who she is that she can accept challenges and not feel threatened. She fought for me to be the most kind I could be to myself.”

Ann. M

I would over-give and over-achieve until my resentment would eventually come out in an explosion of anger and frustration. I didn’t think at the time that what I gave to others came with strings, but it did. I defined myself in terms of other people, so my self-worth changed based on how my relationships felt.”

Welcome, Curious Traveler!

I’m Jane Morris

My passion is helping self-proclaimed people pleasers discover their Authentic Voice and conquer their Inner Critic so they can get unstuck from the self doubt that holds them back and achieve emotional safety in life and love.

  • With 4 years in business and over 2,500 hours of session experience helping to transform the lives of clients just like you, my mission is to assist you in turning your fear into empowerment, your worry into emotional safety, and your self doubt into peaceful clarity ..

.. So you can show up to your life as the person you were always meant to be!

Your journey includes

Invest in your transformation!

The complete 12-Week Coaching Program is available for $1,497 Only

This 12-Week Program is the solution you’ve been searching for.

It’s time to stop wondering what could be and start living your truth.

Take the step towards the life you deserve.

Enroll in my 12-Week Transformative Journey Coaching Program and begin the adventure to your authentic self.

Get Unstuck Session

75 Minute Session
$ 150 One-time payment
  • Personalized, 75-minute coaching session
  • Comprehensive support via text and email
  • Tailored exercises and reflections
  • Access to a private supportive community

4 Session Package

4-Week Coaching Program
$ 557 One-time payment
  • 4 personalized, 75-minute coaching sessions
  • Comprehensive support via text and email
  • Tailored exercises and reflections
  • Access to a private supportive community

12 Session Package

12-Week Coaching Program
$ 1,497 One-Time Payment
  • 12 personalized, 75-minute coaching sessions
  • Comprehensive support via text and email
  • Tailored exercises and reflections
  • Access to a private supportive community

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Therapy is moving backwards to heal. Coaching is moving forward to create. Although we do address trauma and core wounds in coaching, we focus on how these obstacles are holding you back in the present rather than reliving painful memories. 
  • If you’re ready to dive deeply within yourself and have your blindspots revealed so that you can take empowered action to change your life and your relationships (including the one to yourself), coaching is the way to go!
  • Heck yes! By the end of 12 weeks, you will know SO much more about what’s been holding you back AND you’ll have the resources to continue on your journey by yourself if that’s best for you. That’s guaranteed.
  • We can do that! About 30% of my clients like to keep going together after 12 weeks because they love the support and insights that come with having a third party point out the things they can’t see on their own. They also enjoy the momentum they build by having reliable accountability and encouragement.
  • I work with clients weekly for 90 days (12 weeks) to get them the fastest, most sustainable results.
  • We begin each session with you telling me the highs and lows of your week. I’ll take notes as you speak so I don’t miss a thing and then offer insights. From there, we’ll decide what to move deeply into and spend the majority of our session focusing on that. At the end of our session, we’ll create a plan of empowered actions for you to take before I see you again.
  •  I will never insist on an action step. We only ever take empowered action which means if you don’t feel good about what I suggest, we’ll modify it until you do!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”