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How to Unblock Your Needs

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By now in our series on needs, you’ve discovered what your top needs are, how to meet them yourself, and how to communicate them to others.

We have one more stop on our way to being a complete master on the subject of needs: removing any and all blocks that keep you from getting them met.

If you have a need that has been chronically unmet or feels like a bottomless pit even after you or someone you love has tried to fill it, you’ve got a block!

A block is usually caused by limiting beliefs you associate either with receiving a specific need or even just receiving in general.

So, consider if this might be true for you by first paying close attention to what comes up when you try to allow yourself to receive.

Notice the sensations in your body and try to label the emotions.

Maybe it’s anxiety, anger, sadness, fear, or disgust.

Then try to decipher what it is those sensations are telling you.

The emotions that come up as resistance to receiving will always be some kind of limiting belief.

Examples of need blocking beliefs: “I am a burden, I am undeserving, I will be rejected, I am unworthy, I am not good enough, I am bad, I am defective, I am weak if I receive, I will be indebted or owe someone, receiving this will get over my head later, etc.”

Though these need blocks are the most common, it could be something different for you.

So, above all else, listen to your body!

Once you find your limiting belief(s), it’s time to start the razzle-dazzling process of reprogramming.

Reprogramming to Receive Your Needs

Now that we know how you feel when you try to allow yourself to receive your needs, ask yourself how you want to feel instead.

Maybe it’s connected, confident, intimate, empowered, deserving, or free.

Lock in on what it is for you before you move on.

Once you know the way you’d like to feel when receiving, we can start reprogramming.

To speak directly to the subconscious mind where reprogramming takes place, we will find 10-15 pieces of evidence from the past that our new statement (and NOT our limiting belief) is actually true.

What you gotta do is take this sentence and finish it 10-15 times a day for 21 days:

“I experienced ________ (plug in the emotion you’d like to feel) when I requested ________ (need) from _______ (person).”

Let’s try it together a few times!

If I’d like to allow myself to feel connected instead of rejected when I receive, a supporting piece of evidence might look like this:

“I was connected when I requested emotional support from my best friend.”

If I am afraid of feeling powerless or weak when I receive and I’d rather feel empowered, it could be,

“I was empowered when I requested a hug from my partner.”

If my block is that “I am bad” and I want to feel as though I’m operating of my goodness when I receive, my sentence could be,

“I was operating out of my goodness when I requested patience from myself.”

Additional reprogramming tips:

  • Always pick memories from the past so the subconscious brain can see them as evidence of our new belief
  • The only part of the sentence that needs to stay the same is the emotion or experience you’d like to be having when you receive. The need can repeat as well, especially if you find that you only have resistance to receiving a particular need.
  • Make sure as you say/type/write the sentence, it feels absolutely true to you. If your subconscious brain calls BS on a piece of evidence, find another memory from your life or your day to use instead.

If you can keep this up for 21 days, your brain will actually reprogram itself to receive and remove the block that was keeping your need chronically unmet.


A special thank you to Thais Gibson and her work on reprogramming and unblocking needs!

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