For People-Pleasers Who Want To Set Boundaries without Guilt or Self-Doubt!

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My name is Jane Morris and recently…

I started setting boundaries like a boss without feeling guilty.

Let Me Explain!

As a fellow People-Pleaser, I used to struggle in a massive way with boundaries. It left me feeling overwhelmed, emotionally bankrupt, and totally resentful. But that was before I learned what I’m about to teach you.

When I started to follow the steps in this eBook, boundaries became a no-brainer. It became EASY. And best of all, it made my relationships even closer and more secure than they were before.

If there is one thing I know now about setting empowered boundaries, it’s this: The only people who will protest your boundaries are the ones who are benefiting from your lack of them.

Imagine if you could

And most importantly…

Let me ask you a question… Why do you think so many People-Pleasers struggle to set boundaries?

It’s because:

  1. We don’t think we’re allowed to prioritize ourselves and our needs
  2. We feel too guilty to set boundaries
  3. We fear rejection and even abandonment if we try

Once you discover how to follow the steps to empowered boundaries, you’ll never have to worry about these issues again.

  • Feeling like you’re not allowed to prioritize yourself or your own needs will no longer hold you back because you’ll find out exactly how to take up space without an ounce of selfishness.

  • You won’t feel guilty anymore since you’re gonna learn a new definition of boundaries that will obliterate resistance to setting them.

  • Fearing rejection and abandonment will go away once you learn how crucial reciprocity is in your relationships.

Here’s why:

Setting boundaries from an empowered place is really about operating out of authenticity. And your authentic self will never be unacceptable to someone else’s authentic self. This means if you follow the steps I’ve laid out for you, you’ll never regret advocating for yourself.

Excited Yet?

Normally, to discover these secrets you’d have to sit through countless videos, long, rambling audios and/or page after page of babble. Not today.

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You’ll get at least one “ah-ha! Moment” per page. What you once did wrong, you’ll now sidestep with ease. Your greatest weakness now becomes your greatest strength.

You’ll walk away with a new found confidence for boundaries, regardless if you’ve failed a hundred times in the past.

That was then. This is now. By taking action today on “How to Set Some D#mn Boundaries for Once in Your Life So You Can Stop Being Such a People-Pleaser,” your tomorrow is going to be amazing.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Just From Pages 5-11

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Especially when you find out:

We’re not even ⅓ of the way through! Which is incredible because I haven’t even revealed yet:

There’s more - much more!

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