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How to Know if Someone Really Cares Part 2

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Last week, we talked about 4 ways to tell if someone really cares about you.

Let’s keep this gravy train rolling with 4 more guaranteed signs that someone really gives a hoot about!

5. They respect your boundaries

People who genuinely love you will have no problem creating space for you to make your own decisions and set your own boundaries, even if they don’t fully understand them.

They’re happy to prioritize what makes you feel comfortable/safe and in fact, they wouldn’t have it any other way!

When you feel that you have grace within the relationship to explore what’s best for you without it threatening your relationship,

Besides it being the bee’s knees, it’s also a fantastic indicator of just how much someone cares.

Remember that the people who protest your boundaries the most are the ones who were benefiting the most from your lack of boundaries!

6. They offer reciprocity

People who care will invest in you (with time, love, consideration, energy, and other resources) like you invest in them; it’s a dance that requires a back and forth.

So, if you’re someone who finds yourself doing all the investing without seeing much in return, it may be time to raise those standards of yours!

7. They don’t keep score

This one covers a lot of ground since there are multiple ways you can see its presence.

Not keeping score means they:

  • Don’t compete with you due to their own insecurities
  • Give without strings attached
  • Don’t have a list of everything you’ve ever done wrong filed away in the back of their mind
  • Are quick to offer forgiveness and to take responsibility

The lack of any one of the above items indicates limitations that keep someone from showing up for you in the ways that matter most long term.

A quick note: Although experiencing these things in your relationship doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have feelings of love for you, it does often translate to them not being able to show that love with their actions.

So, even if they have the potential to follow through, take a quick look at how often they actually do.

8. They support you through hard times and celebrate your wins

Of all 8 points we’ve discussed, this one is the granddaddy of ‘em all.

Whether it be a friendship or a romance, relationships that stand the test of time embody both of these equally.

Why is this concept SO daggone important?

Because life is long. And it’s full of ups and downs.

It’s a whole ass journey, y’all.

And as important as it is to have someone who will hold the space for you, listen, and support you while you’re at your worst…

It’s equally as essential for them to celebrate with you when you’re totally killing it in your life and amazing things are happening for you.

Having only one or the other tends to lead to resentment over time and really shows the person’s true colors when the rubber hits the road.

So, if longevity is what you’re seeking in your relationships, you’re gonna wanna go ahead and find someone who can offer you both.

I encourage you to mull all of these concepts over in your mind and heart over the next few days to see who stands out as someone you can trust for the long haul.

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