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How to Glimpse Your Future

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It’s widely regarded to be true that our past is the greatest indicator of our future.

To that, I say, GROSS.

Although it VERY often works out that way, we know scientifically speaking that this is because our brains feel safest when we experience things that are familiar.

Thus, the cycles and patterns we experience in our earliest years are set to continue on repeat until (or unless) we intercept our own stories and make a change.

Where do I start?

Think of it in terms of remodeling a house; the first step is demolition.

And what demolition looks like in the brain is letting go of everything that’s no longer serving you.

Maybe figuratively speaking, you were set up pretty well as a child and your “house” (your brain’s patterning) is a beautiful mansion that just needs some updated plumbing or electrical work.

Or maybe what you’re living in is a filthy old shack with paper walls that needs to be totally demolished before it can be rebuilt.

Either way, if you want real changes that set up a different future, you better show up with a match in hand ready to watch some things burn.

We MUST let go of the old before we can experience something new.

We tend to be okay with this idea in theory, but letting go of what’s not serving us creates an undetermined amount of time where we’re not holding onto anything.

And that is some scary stuff.

It takes some serious faith to let go of what’s keeping you afloat to grab onto something more efficient and fulfilling.

But it’s the only way to create change.

Take heart, though.

In that precious moment of letting go, the panic will transform into peace as you open up to receive new gifts.

New possibilities.

New hope.

New joy.

And a new path that’s going to lead to a new future.

The secret is accepting the present moment as it is.

Because the past doesn’t dictate our future; the present does.

All your power to change the future is in this moment. Every bit of it.

What you’re thinking, feeling, and most importantly BELIEVING right now represents the path you’re on.

So, what are you manifesting right now?

What are you moving towards?

If you learn how to accept a moment fully and completely for what it is and consistently live that way, then your future will reflect that.

If you take acceptance (and therefore peace) with you wherever you go, your circumstances can no longer dictate your state of mind, your health, your relationships, or your view and experience of the world.

And let’s not forget that the reverse is true, too.

If we cannot find acceptance right now, what makes us think the future will be different?

The portal to change, transformation, happiness, and peace is the present moment.

So, start right now and plant the seed of letting go of what’s not helping you anymore so you can grab onto something new.

Then buckle up and get ready for a future brighter than you could ever have imagined.

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